Street-Smart Composure

The NFOP Show #33: Best Of Halftime 2014

Aired on 11 July 2014.

(1) Alex G “Boy” (from “DSU”, Orchid Tapes)
(2) Woods “Moving to the Left” (from “With Light and With Love”, Woodsist)
(3) Perfect Pussy “Interference Fits” (from “Say Yes to Love”, Captured Tracks)
(4) Lust For Youth “International” (from “International”, Sacred Bones)
(5) El Mahdy Jr. “Zarga” (from “Gasba Grime”, Danse Noire)
(6) copeland “Inga” (from “Because I’m Worth It”, self-released)
(7) Flowdan “No Gyal Tune” (from “Serious Business”, Hyperdub)
(8) Traxman “Time Slip” (from “Tha Mind of Traxman Vol. 2”, Planet Mu)
(9) The Range “Two” (from “Panasonic”, Donky Pitch)
(10) M.E.S.H. “Captivated” (from “Scythians”, PAN)
(11) Visionist “First Love” (from “I’m Fine (Part II)”, Lit City Trax)
(12) Kassem Mosse “Untitled” (from “Workshop 19”, Workshop)
(13) Kyoka “Lined Up” (from “Is (Is Superpowered)”, Raster-Noton)
(14) Thug Entrancer “Death After Life I” (from “Death After Life”, Software)
(15) Ricky Eat Acid “It Will Draw Me Over to It Like It Always Does” (from “Three Love Songs”, Orchid Tapes)
(16) Rainer Veil “UK Will Not Survive” (from “New Brutalism”, Modern Love)

BEAMS - Quiet Arms



BEAMS is the electronic project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Zack Kantor from New York. His single for CSCN fuses lo-fi pop with crisp, dark dance melodies to create a contemporary collage of sounds. As we hear a single melodic phrase get looped, warped, delayed, and pitched, it becomes apparent that BEAMS is reconfiguring the pop song structure to unique and successful effect. Kantor is 21 years old.